The Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food, is a unit from the Federal Executive Branch of the Government of Mexico, which has among its objectives promoting the execution of a policy of support, which allows producers to improve their production practices, utilizing in a more efficient manner the competitive advantages from our agricultural, livestock and fisheries sectors, and integrating the economic activities from rural areas into larger productive chains, encouraging the participation of organizations of producers with economic projects on their own, as well as with the proposal of goals and objectives for the agricultural sector within the National Development Plan.​



To promote the comprehensive development of the agricultural, livestock and coastal sectors in the country, which allows the sustainable exploitation of its resources, for a sustainable and balanced growth of the economic regions, the generation of attractive sources of employment, fostering settlement and permanence of inhabitants in rural areas and the strengthening of productivity and competitiveness of agricultural products, to consolidate the effective positioning and penetration of Mexican products in new markets, addressing the requirements and demands from (of) consumers.



Mexico has a rural society with an attractive standard of living and a plethora of opportunities for deelopment, as well as Agricultural, Livestock and Fisheries Sectors which are profitable and sustanable, and which offer accessible, healthy safe, and nutritious food to its inhabitants.






  1. Increase human development and patrimonial standards of Mexican citizens living in rural and coastal areas.
  2. Supply domestic markets with quality, healthy, safe and accessible foods, originated in our agricultural fields and fishing coasts.
  3. Improve producer’s income by increasing our presence in global markets, promoting adding value processes and production of bio-fuels.
  4. Reverse deterioration of ecosystems, through actions to preserve water, soils and biodiversity.
  5. Conduct the harmonic development of rural territories by means of coordinated actions, building consensus with all the actors and agents in the rural society. Besides promoting actions that promote legal certainty in the rural territories.






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